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French Cheese Board How-To

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

This recipe has the balance and must-haves of any charcuterie board, but with a French twist. Experience Belletoile with the ingredients you might see on a cheese board in Paris without having to leave your own home.

To achieve the perfect balance for your French-inspired charcuterie, make sure to add the following elements:

  • Meats - Pate, sausage, prosciutto, smoked ham.

  • Salty ingredients - Olives, tapenade, pickled peppers, nuts.

  • Garnishes - Smoked salt, hearty mustards, fresh herbs.

  • Baguette - Slice and lightly toast to add additional texture and flavor to your board.

  • Cheese - Any French-inspired dish is incomplete without the most important element - a soft French cheese. Skip the brie and make sure your charcuterie has the finest cheese France has to offer with some Belletoile.

  • Wine - Add a wine of your choice to round out the full breadth of flavors for your cheese board.

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