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Holiday Cheese Board How-To

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

The holidays call for a special kind of charcuterie, inspired by the unique flavors and colors of the season. Impress your friends & loved ones with this beautiful holiday inspired cheese board using three easy steps:

  1. Pick a cheese - as with any cheese board, the most important ingredient will be the cheese that your guests will be pairing the other elements. Belletoile has an amazing creamy texture and a beautiful white rind, serving as the perfect centerpiece to a holiday cheese board.

  2. Add colorful elements - pomegranates, grapes, dried figs, dried cranberries, pears, roasted delicata squash, fresh herbs, and artisan crackers are all perfect holiday pairings for your cheese.

  3. Add a spread - add additional dimension of flavor to your cheese board by including a sweet holiday spread - fig jam, cranberry dressing, cherry jam, and raspberry jam are all recommended.

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