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Belletoile Wine Pairings

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Belletoile is a creamy cheese that pairs beautifully with a variety of French wines. Here are a few wine pairings that will help you experience Belletoile in new ways:

Beaujolais - This fruit forward red wine pairs well with Belletoile & cherry jam spread on baguette. Great for any holiday occasion.

Rosé from Provence - Pack some Rosé, Belletoile & strawberries for a lovely afternoon picnic.

White Burgundy - Sometimes, Belletoile is best enjoyed on its own as a simple pairing with wine. This creamy white wine is the perfect compliment to the rich taste of Belletoile for any situation.

Champagne - Toast to the occasion (or Wednesday) with some bubbles and Belletoile. Serve it alongside some toasted crostini and prosciutto.

For a quick and simple recipe on how to make crostini with prosciutto and Belletoile, click here.

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